So Do We Really Need Another Web Log?

by politeobserver

I find I am starting a web log using the opportunity offered by From looking around about me at the works of others, I find I must question the entire enterprise. Who might want to read it? I have to admit that I wish to write it for its own sake; it is questionable whether or not it will attract any sort of audience. All the same, when one writes, an audience should always be assumed.

Thus I would like to address my failings in previous attempt to express my Polite Observations by making unto the public the following commitments:

  • To write frequently, but more important, currently
  • Never to waste the public’s time nor patience posting entries apologizing for or excusing my having not written for a great while
  • To study upon what I write, and to cite whence my information has been obtained
  • Finally, to attempt mutual understanding by attempting to shed light on various subjects, and not simply to generate heat